Whistleblower Protection Act

- We stand for transparency and responsibility -

Creating an open and trusting working environment is an important concern for us at Kauffmann GmbH.

The Whistleblower Protection Act is a crucial step in ensuring that employees can feel safe to report potential violations of applicable laws, regulations or internal policies without fear of reprisals.

Supporting the Whistleblower Protection Act is a matter of course for us, as it not only ensures the protection of whistleblowers, but also helps to create an atmosphere of accountability and compliance in our company.

We are committed to an inclusive corporate culture in which all employees are encouraged to actively contribute to maintaining our high standards.

For this purpose, we have set up an internal reporting office in accordance with §§ 12 ff. Whistleblower Protection Act:

Reporting office officer: Tanja Schmid

Internal reporting address: Hinweisgeber@kauffmann-federn.de

Any employee can contact this reporting office in accordance with the statutory provisions.

Please note that deliberately making an untrue report may have criminal consequences.

Thank you for your support and commitment!

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